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We provide Innovative online marketplace, connecting buyers with suppliers for product and services .

Connectseekers.com is one of the world’s fastest growing company focusing on niche, quality certified products and services. The online channel focuses on providing a platform for buyers and sellers. Buyers and sellers typically gain access to a wider marketplace and diverse portfolios of all kind of quality products to choose.

We are the only Leading Online Marketing Company in India having Fortune 500 companies and major Indian MNC as their client. Please visit www.connectseekers.com for more Information. Connect Seekers brings you millions of products in various categories, including consumer electronics, machinery and apparel.

Buyers and sellers for products and services are located in 190+ countries and regions, and can exchange seamlessly thousands of messages with suppliers on the platform each day. As a e- commerce platform, we continue to develop services to help businesses do more and discover new opportunities.

Whether it’s sourcing from your mobile phone or contacting suppliers in their local language turn to global business.

Bulk E Mail Marketing has revolutionized over the last decade. We are steps ahead and offer Smart Email Advertising Services to our clients.
Connect Seekers is one of the leading Smart Email Advertising Services (SEAS) providers No matter what your products and services are, it is inevitable to carve for online presence that can reap higher profit.

With us, you can get a static IP for managing your account. We are experts not only when it comes to rendering an email platform but also offer services of Smart Email Advertising Services (SEAS) using which you can easily expand your customer base.
In the present times of highly technological advancement, Smart Email Advertising Services (SEAS) is the sure shot and the most effective way to advertise your products and services.
We offer the services such as spam checking, promotional content or newsletter and upload customer database amongst others. You can now stay connected with your potential customers through Smart Email Advertising Services (SEAS) and, thus turn your products into a brand name.

No matter who your customers are, we offer you the best services in the industry. You can choose from various packages offered by us and zero-in on the one that best meet your expectations. It’s time to set your business apart from the rest.

Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using electronic mail (email). Email Marketing remains one of the most effective ways to advertise on the Internet. We will ensure that your mailing goes out on time and is prepared according to your instructions

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